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Lonnie G.McCowan

Lonnie McCowan, Author, Businessman, Entrepreneur is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Miracle Center in Ventura, CA. He is recognized for his cutting-edge revelation and down to earth simple approach to teaching the word of God. He has empowered thousands to experience God’s grace, restoration, healing, and financial breakthrough as a result of delivering simple, biblical principles to apply in daily living lives. McCowan is a world-renowned Bible Teacher, Author, and sought-after Speaker with thousands of CD’s and DVD’s in distribution. He received the Eagle Award at the infamous Apollo in New York for Outstanding Economics Innovation. He is the founder of Biblical Economic Network. He is a graduate of the Oral Roberts University Bible Institute in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is open and transparent about sharing his storms and battles that he is conquered. You will be inspired and empowered after hearing Lonnie teach most of all you will be transformed by his approach to Scriptures.

Kimberly A.McCowan

Kimberly McCowan was born third child to the late Reverend Edward Oglesby in Oxnard, California. On August 26, 1995, Kimberly married Pastor Lonnie McCowan and passionately serves alongside her husband Lonnie to help run the ministry of the Miracle Center Church.

Kimberly is an advocate of higher education and is currently working to obtain her Ph.D. in Health Psychology. She is passionate about seeing people physically and emotionally healthy and brings powerful insight in connecting God’s Word to science for health and wellbeing. She believes that God wants people healthy and whole and designed the body to heal itself. She currently works as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Urgent Care.

She is authentic, straightforward, systematic and caring. She is committed to first loving God with all her heart and soul and demonstrates her love to God through the care and nurturing she provides to others.